Business Insurance

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Automobile Liability and Physical Damage

This policy can provide a combination of liability protection and physical damage coverage for loss due to damage to vehicles owned, maintained, or used by you. Additional coverages such as medical payments and uninsured motorist protection can be purchased to “customize” the policy to fit your business.

Boiler & Machinery

 Traditionally, Boiler and Machinery equipment has been handled as a separate line of coverage. These policies combine, in one form, all the property and liability coverages needed for this valuable and important type of property. A variety of endorsements can be used to “customize” this policy to fit your specific needs.


Protection provided by a bond is not insurance. Coverage under an insurance policy involves a two-party agreement whereas in a bond, the person who pays the premium, known as a principal, is bonded for an action by a surety for the benefit of a third party commonly called a beneficiary. Bonds are distinguished between Surety bonds, which guarantee the performance of a contract, or Fidelity bonds, which protect against the dishonesty of employees.

Business Income (and Extra Expense)

This coverage is used to insure against loss of income (including any continuing normal operating expenses) that you experience because of a suspension of your business when insured property has been damaged by a covered peril. Under this form, extra expenses are included and rental values can be added as an option. An extended period of indemnity provision is also included to provide coverage after you resume operations until your business returns to its normal level of activities, up to the time period specified in the form.

Crime Insurance

 This coverage provides protection against loss due to criminal acts of others. Several types of exposures can exist which require consideration when analyzing your crime protection insurance.

EPLI – Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This coverage is used to provide protection against lawsuits by employees alleging wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment or other specified employment related exposures.

Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability / Medical Malpractice

This coverage is used to insure against claims arising out of negligent acts, errors or omissions in the rendering or failing to render professional services as defined in the policy.

General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects your business from claims arising from alleged bodily injury, personal injury or property damage liability. It includes protection for services you render or products you sell. Coverage payments can include judgments, attorney fees, court costs, or other related expenses.

Garage Liability Insurance

This policy fulfills the special needs of auto-related firms such as yours. The policy provides coverage for liability, medical payments, and physical damage for owned and non-owned vehicles. Additional coverages can be purchased to customize the policy to fit the particular needs of your business.

Garagekeepers Liability Insurance

This insurance is used to insure against claims arising out of damage to vehicles owned by others which are left with you for storage, service, safekeeping or repair.

Motor Truck Cargo

This policy is used to insure merchandise belonging to you or for which you may be liable. It protects against direct loss or damage caused by a covered peril while the merchandise is in transit on a described vehicle within the covered radius. Coverage also includes protection for merchandise while it is temporarily warehoused awaiting transfer to its final destination.

Inland Marine Coverage

Property that is mobile in nature has been traditionally handled on these types of policies. A wide variety of forms and coverages has been developed to handle the needs of this property.

Property Insurance

Real property coverage provides protection for permanent structures listed on the policy. Completed additions, permanently-installed fixtures, machinery and equipment, outdoor fixtures, owned personal property used to service, repair or maintain the building and additions under construction or repair are all included in this definition.

Umbrella Insurance

This policy provides protection against catastrophic liability claims. The policy acts as an excess coverage over your primary liability policies. Its limits apply in addition to that provided by the underlying coverage.

Workers Compensation

State law requires that every employer provide Workers Compensation insurance for their employees. This insurance provides coverage for accidents or disease arising from employment as prescribed by these state laws. Benefits can include lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent disfigurement/disability payments.

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